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Honestly, this is not my area.

Sure, I went to college, and later to one of those impressive-type grad schools. But I studied music and religion. And if you were to try to design a course of study that was all but guaranteed to prevent the recipient from ever holding a reasonably well-paying job, you could hardly do better than music and religion. It’s a miracle that I have a career at all.

So I never studied women’s studies, not even a little bit, none of the waves. And I never took a course in logic, and only barely understand what in even contained in the discipline. Psychology and sociology never interested me much, so I ignored those disciplines too. And I never tried debate in high school, so I’m not particularly adept at formulating arguments, or finding logical flaws in others’.

Also, I am married to a professor. Through my experience with him, I have developed great respect for book learning. Despite this, my own reading is pretty well limited to the New Yorker. And the internets. I’m pretty sure I’ve read the internet at this point.

If you are looking for enlightened discourse on topics relevant to women today, this blog is probably not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for moderately entertaining, occasionally problematic vitriol, welcome. There’s nothing I love so well as getting all exercised about women’s issues that largely don’t affect me at all and writing screeds about them. That’s what this space is for. 

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